Major breakthrough for the frustrated Forex trader:

It's as easy as picking up loose change!

If you want to discover how to make R15,000 a month trading Forex part-time, drop everything and

Dear reader,
Let me ask you a serious question.
If you saw R2 on the floor, would you pick it up and keep it?
What about R5? R10? Even R20?
If it was just lying there – not belonging to anyone… Would you pick it up? Or would you leave it there for someone else to pocket?
Well, would you?
I’m sure you’re wondering where I’m going with this, but the way you answer will be the difference between whether this will work for you or not.
Because if you said you’d pick up the money, you’re walking straight past so much “loose change” that it could easily add up to a part-time income of around R15,000 every month – for doing almost nothing.
Because you’re not using the secrets I know to trade Forex successfully.
Let me explain…

This invitation is for busy people like you who’d like to make a decent amount of extra income trading Forex – without giving up your life to earn it

Today, I want to prove that being a successful Forex trader is as easy as picking up loose change.
I want prove that it doesn’t have to disrupt your life.
That it could be an endeavour that makes you an easy second income – while requiring almost no work on your part.
Well, when you join my Forex Trader service, I promise you’ll never need to do more than ten minutes of work in a single trade. You’ll need five minutes to check my message and five minutes to place your trade.
It really is that easy.
Every day, I look for Forex trades that fit one of my three Forex strategies to the T.
And when I find one – and this may only happen once or twice a week…
I’ll immediately fire out an SMS to tell you exactly what’s unfolding and how to get involved
Then, I’ll follow that up with an email – explaining in detail – exactly what’s happening and why I expect this trade to hand you some very easy money.
As soon as you get it, simply read the message and give your broker a call to get in.
You don’t need to understand the market or why this Forex move is happening.

You don’t need to analyse complicated graphs to figure out when to get in or out.

You don’t need to keep checking your computer. And you certainly won’t have to bite your nails worrying about whether now is a good time to bank your profits or cut your losses.
I do all that for you. 

Once you’ve placed your trade, there’s literally nothing else to do but wait for your profits to roll in.
It really is that simple to be the kind of successful (and dare I say profitable) Forex trader who regularly bank gains of:


  Yes! I want to join Forex Trader service today!

But before you decide if this is right for you, please read this next section carefully.

Important warning…

Of course, I’m not saying every trade will end in profits. Even now, after four profitable years of doing this, I STILL lose from time to time.
You’ll make losses too. There’s no avoiding it. Anyone who says they never lose is a liar.
But if you’re happy with the chance to bank an average R15,000 extra a month for just a few minutes work on your part, then my Forex Trader service is for you.
And trust me, an extra R15,000 quickly adds up to some serious cash.
In a few months, you could have enough to pay off some of your bond, build a nest egg, take your family on a luxury holiday or pay off a debt or two.

  Yes! I want to join Forex Trader service today!

This is the perfect part-time trading plan

With your permission, I’d like to show you – with no obligation on your part – just how lucrative this opportunity really could be.
You read that right.
Join me today, and I’ll make all my Forex tips available to you for 90 days completely risk-free.
Here’s what you’ll get when you take me up on this offer:

Three to four Forex trades every month

Picked using my unique six-pattern trading strategy, each one will give you a very real chance of making gains of 10% to 100%. Add them together at the end of the month, and they could easily make you an extra R15,000.
Along with these urgent bulletins, I’ll also send you:

FREE Report #1
Forex Trader Insider’s Guide and Trading Manual

This guide will make the whole process of trading the Forex as easy as possible. In it, you’ll discover all the secrets, tricks of the trade and insider knowledge I’ve gathered during my time as a Forex trader. This is invaluable guide will show you how to make currencies work for you – with specific advice on how to run in and grab potential gains – quickly and without any unnecessary risk.

FREE Report #2
Forex Trader Quick-Start Guide

This report will answer all your questions and get you started right away. In plain English, this powerful document hands you my step-by-step roadmap to maximising your profit potential and minimising your risk in the world’s largest and most profitable market.
FREE Bonus Gift
Forex Risk Calculator

My easy-to-use calculator will help you work out just how much money you should put on a single trade. You’ll always know exactly how many contracts to buy to maximise your profits and still keep your risks to a bare minimum.
Plus, you'll also get:

Updates through webinars on the market and our open trades 
With these updates, you always know exactly of what’s going on in the market and how it affects your Forex trades.
FREE subscription to the daily Trading Tips bulletins
In these bulletins, I’ll give you the chance to discover what influences the currency market and how to use this knowledge to bank profits and cut your losses early. Together with the rest of the Trading Tips team, I’ll reveal the real-life trading secrets of the best and worst traders around so you can avoid losses and start banking consistent profits.

FREE SMS Service
With my free SMS alerts, I’ll immediately tell you about any new trades as well as any changes you need to make to your existing positions. If you need to sell, I’ll tell you. If you need to move your stop loss to protect your current gains, I’ll send you an SMS to let you know.    
Access to my favourite brokers
To make sure you have everything you need to get started, I’ll even send you the names of the brokers I like to work with. Tell them I sent you, and you’re sure to get their very best deal. 

So how do you get involved?

  Yes! I want to join Forex Trader service today!

Agree to join me – risk-free – and you’ll lock in
this very special offer

Normally, a Forex trading service like this can easily cost anything from R5,000 to R10,000 a year. Considering you could make that back in ONE successful trade, that’s a drop in the ocean.
But if you agree to put Forex Trader to the test today, you’ll pay a once-off, flat fee of R3,700 and not a cent more.
That’s R3,700 a year for the chance to bank R15,000 a month.
But just in case this sounds like too much money to risk on a service you’ve never tried before, I’ll make this deal even sweeter.
Sign up today through this very special invitation and I’ll let you pay the R3,700 membership fee in four easy instalments. That’s right, sign up now and I’ll let you pay R925 every quarter if that makes you feel more comfortable.
But you must act fast.


I’m only letting 100 traders join me right now

I have to limit new memberships to 100 traders so I can support you in every way possible during your first three months.
I have to keep numbers down, so I can be on hand to answer all your questions and still have time to send you recommendations, analysis and Forex tips that really can turn into big profits.
And remember, you have a full 90 days to place my trades (paper trade them for a while if you’re nervous), use my support and ask me anything about my Forex strategies.
See how easy it is. See how little of your time this really takes. If you don’t make money from my Forex Trader service or decide it’s not for you, just let me know before midnight on your 90th day and I’ll send your membership fee right back to you.
This is your no-strings-attached chance to test drive the ONLY Forex trading strategy that’s ever consistently worked for me (and trust me I’ve tried plenty). A strategy that consistently helps me rake in an average of R15,000 a month part-time. 

  Yes! I want to join Forex Trader service today!


That’s the sound your phone will start making in the next few days

All that’s left for you to do is act fast and claim one of the 100 Forex Trader membership spots currently on offer.
Don’t delay.
I checked my charts this morning and there’s a trading opportunity building up that looks like it could be my next big winner.
Will you be in on it? Or will you be on the sidelines – bad-tempered – when you hear about the gains those who joined me today raked in?
I know which one I’d choose. And I hope you feel the same.
I look forward to helping you sweep some of the Forex market’s “loose change” into your pocket very, very soon.
Yours in Forex profits,
The Forex Trader Team
PS: There are only 100 spots – secure yours now
As I mentioned earlier, only 100 traders will be able to join me through this special invitation.
And since it’s going to over 135,000 FSPInvest readers, I urge you to secure your spot RIGHT NOW.
And remember, with my 90 day money back guarantee period you really do have NOTHING to lose.  
I’m THAT confident that this really could be the easiest money you’ve ever made from the Forex market – or anywhere for that matter.
Secure your spot now and soon you too could be raking in the profits.  

  Yes! I want to join Forex Trader service today!

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I understand that I can try Forex Trader for three months. If I’m not 100% satisfied, I can cancel within the first three months and get my membership fee back – this is my 100% money-back guarantee. Everything sent to me within this time is mine to keep.

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